Delivering highly effective eLearning courses – Infographic

Delivering highly effective eLearning courses – Infographic

This is it! No more fretting over planning. No more fuss over building. And absolutely no more lost sleep over marketing strategies.

Yes! A complete eLearning program design and deployment package for all aspiring and daring individuals who believe in changing the training strategies in their organization. Look no further beyond our “bird’s eye view” infographic to determine all the required elements to build a successful eLearning course. With the infographic as your beacon you can navigate easily through our eBook. Or, you can watch the short video we’ve made on that!

This eBook is all you will ever need to create that first eLearning course still stuck in the planning stage. You will find comprehensive insider information on the analysis, design, development and implementation of an online training program.

After you make sure eLearning is your preferred method of training, plan to collaborate with subject matter experts. Manage expectations of both management and learners by understanding their needs and desires from the eLearning course.

Moving on next through the infographic binoculars you will discover the logical steps to build your eLearning course. Need to narrow down course authoring and learning management systems tools for trainers? The eBook covers it all for you. We have done the research for you.

All you need to do is establish your eLearning needs and integrate multimedia, interactivity and evaluation mechanisms, while balancing out the cost, resources and time needed to build your course.

When you convince your learners the value provided by your eLearning course, you are automatically marketing your training materials. Select from a variety of marketing tools – from word of mouth and testimonials to social media based marketing.

Just when you had your hundredth student enroll and you thought you could kick back and bask in your glory, you learn from our eBook how fatal this attitude could be. In order to continue reaching out to a wider audience and build rapport with your current learners, you need to deploy several communication strategies to maintain communities of practice. Find out out how in our comprehensive eBook.

With the infographic as your roadmap, you can be assured that you wont be lost in your eLearning development journey.

Did you know your eLearning course is never complete? Improve your course in iterations through assessment and evaluation tools built into your learning management system (LMS). Measure progress and ROI for all stakeholders to tie together learning goals and organizational objectives.

Think this is too complicated? Not with our infographic and eBook to guide you through!



Delivering highly effective eLearning courses

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