Social and collaborative online learning

Collaborative online learningCollaborative learning is an e-learning approach where students are able to socially interact with other students, as well as instructors. In essence, learners work together in order to expand their knowledge of a particular subject or skill. In e-learning environments, this is typically done through live chats, message boards, or instant messaging.

Collaborative learning is based upon the principle that students can enrich their learning experiences by interacting with others and benefiting from one another’s strengths. In collaborative learning situations, students are responsible for one another’s actions and tasks which encourages teamwork as well.

What are the advantages of collaborative online learning?

This method of learning can be conducted either offline or on the web, and can be done asynchronously or synchronously. It allows students to learn from the ideas, skill sets, and experience of others enrolled in the course. By engaging in a shared task (whether it be a project or lesson) students gain the opportunity to learn a variety of skills, such as group analysis and collaborative teamwork building skills.

In addition, even students who are unable to attend a live event online can participate in collaborative learning, thanks to online forums, message boards, and other various posting sites that don’t rely on real-time interaction.

How can you foster a collaborative environment using TalentLMS?

TalentLMS uses Discussion Forums to facilitate a community for its users.

Discussions Forums can be a great tool to get conversation going, answering questions between students and teachers as well as getting stronger students to help those who have questions, even when the professor can’t assist. (Or even when the professor is purposefully letting the students tackle the issues that arise between themselves)

In TalentLMS, you can also host web conferences, webinars or simply have an open-hour for student to professor interaction in which students can take part in presentations by the professor, share ideas, even discuss using their microphone and share visuals through their computer’s camera. All of that, using BigBlueButton.


Have you used the aforementioned features to bring students together? Have they helped you come close to your learners?
Let us know how your experience has been so far, or whether we can do something to make collaborative learning more powerful.

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