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Step-by-step guide to WordPress and TalentLMS integration – UPDATED

guide to WordPress and talentlms integration

This is a follow-up to the original post about WordPress/TalentLMS integration. If you want to get to the gist then download the theme we used and the integration plugin. Starting WordPress and TalentLMS integration one needs to install WordPress first. You can find a detailed guide for WordPress installation here and you can download WordPress from here.

Having an active WordPress installation we can start the process of TalentLMS integration. In the example described in this guide we are gonna integrate a sample TalentLMS domain containing History courses with WordPress. You can find the result of this guide here.

As soon as you have installed WordPress, you need to install a theme of your preference for your WordPress site. You can find a lot of awesome WordPress themes in the WordPress Themes directory, or you can browse online if you are looking for something more specific. TalentLMS crew has developed a WordPress theme based on WordPress Bootstrap which is better customized to integrate with TalentLMS. You can download it here.

Once you download the theme browse to /wp-content/themes folder of WordPress and unzip the file into this folder.

Proceed to activate your theme by going to Administration Panels > Appearance > Themes and click activate. Afterwards, again, in Administration Panels > Appearance> Themes you can customize your theme using the provided options. You can find out more about using WordPress themes here.

Theme customization. You can setup your themes typography, your navigation menus, link colors and plenty more options. Just look around and pick your choices…

Theme Description for WordPress and TalentLMS integration

Page Types

You can add your pages to your WordPress site by going to Administration Panel > Pages > Add new. You can find out more about WordPress pages here. There are various templates about your pages provided by our theme. Those are: Default Template (standard page with right sidebar ), Full Width Page, Homepage, Left Sidebar Page and home-page which is designed to be a front page with a carousel sliding your posts and three sidebars for your widgets,. You can see a demo of the home-page template here. Feel free to try them all in order to find what matches your needs best.


The theme provides 8 sidebars. You can find out more about WordPress sidebars here. Those sidebars are: Main sidebar, Home Page sidebar, Footer 1, Footer 2, Footer 3, Homepage Slot 1, Homepage Slot 2 and Homepage Slot 3. In those sidebars you can add your widgets to achieve the desired feel and look of your site. Sidebars Homepage slot are used in the home-page Page template. Here you can find a special widget that let you login to your TalentLMS directly from your WordPress site. Use it like any other regular widget.


More about WordPress menus here and here.

Add Logo

This option is a TalentLMS addition to the originally used WordPress theme. Use it to add a logo to your WordPress theme.

Theme options

You can find plenty of options about your theme here. You can customize your fonts about your headings, main body text, links etc.


Here you can choose an image or the color for your background


Here you can further customize your WordPress theme by writing your own code.

As soon you have successfully set up your theme, you need to install our TalentLMS plugin which is mixing the WordPress API along with the TalentLMS API. You can find the TalentLMS WordPress plugin here.

Plugin Installation

You can download the TalentLMS WordPress plugin from here. After downloading the plugin extract its contents into the plugins folder of WordPress. You can find more information about managing and installing WordPress plugins here.

After you install the plugin you can find it in the list of installed plugins (Administration Panels > Plugins > Installed Plugin). You need to activate it.

Plugin Setup

In order to be able to use the TalentLMS features you need to setup some TalentLMS details.

Go to Administration Panels > Plugins > TalentLMS. There you will see a page like the one following. You need to set your TalentLMS domain and API Key.

TalentLMS Domain: The TalentLMS domain which you want your WordPress site to link to.

API Key: The API key of the corresponding TalentLMS domain. In order to get that log in to your TalentLMS domain as administrator and then go to Account & Settings > Security. If not activated, click on Enable API and copy paste the provided key.

[block-message type=”info” close=”false” text=”In order for the plugin to best integrate with WordPress you MUST change your Common Settings in the Administration Panels > Settings > Permalinks to other than default (we strongly advice that you use Post name)”]

Cache Control

Since version 1.2, TalentLMS WordPress plugin is automatically caching the data it retrieves from the corresponding TalentLMS domain for optimal performance.

[block-message type=”info” close=”false” text=”If you need to update your data stored in the cache of the plugin, you should clear your cache first”]

Choose Templates

Furthermore, you can customize your plugin in order to best fit the look and feel of your WordPress site. Under Administration Panel > TalentLMS > TalentLMS Options you can choose among various options:

  • Courses per Page: Here you can set a pagination functionality for your TalentLMS courses. You can choose how many courses per page you want to have and whether you shall have a pagination navigation on top or the bottom of the courses list. When you setup the courses per page option, bottom navigation is check for you by default, but of course you can change that if you wish.

  • Choose template: You can choose how is your course page arranged among three default templates. You can either have your category list on the right, left or top of the course list.

  • After sing up: You can set up the behavior of TalentLMS WordPress plugin after a user sign up through WordPress to your TalentLMS domain. You can either redirect him to your TalentLMS domain so he can start working on your content or you can keep him in your WordPress site so that he can browse through more courses etc.

Edit TalentLMS CSS

Since version 1.2, users can add/remove or modify css rules that come along with TalentLMS WordPress plugin. You can use this advanced feature to customize to the detail the way your WordPress site and the TalentLMS plugin integrate.

Using the plugin

To list all the courses of your TalentLMS domain create a new WordPress page and just add the shortcode: [talentlms-courses] and publish your page.

To configure the number of courses listed in each page you can setup a limit using the courses per page option (Administration Panels > Plugins > TalentLMS).

To create a signup to your TalentLMS domain create a new WordPress page and add the shortcode: [talentlms-signup] and publish your page.


 Following you can see a screenshot of a WordPress page for singing up to a TalentLMS domain using the corresponding shortcode.

Extending the theme and the plugin

If you want to extend the functionality of the WordPress theme take a look at the WordPress Theme Development guide. You  need to use your PHP developement skills to do so. Extending the plugin would require also some deal of PHP developing. You can take an idea about WordPress plugin development by reading this guide.

The WordPress plugin is a wrapper around TalentLMS API. You can download the PHP library of the API and its documentation. Feel free to extend the Plugin to use any other functionality that is exposed from the API.


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