Top 10 e-Learning Experts To Follow in 2014

E-learning expertsWhen was the last time you referred to an e-learning blog? Last week? Last month? And who do you follow? Regardless of your latest update, you are already outdated! No matter how bad your schedule looks, reading up on these whizz-musings is mandatory to your e-survival! The moment you feel your course design gave you another deja-vu, you must know that your e-learning tool box and creative juices have become redundant and stagnant. Re-invent your techniques and avoid re-inventing the wheel! The remarkable speeds in educational technology development have our experts struggling to declare the current trend. In this article, we will discover what are the top 10 e-learning experts and why you should follow them.

  1. Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas maintains an active blog at e-Learning industry with a steady traffic from his Linkedin profile. He touches topics such as big data and corporate training to selecting and formatting images. The highlight of the blog is the generous sharing of his expertise with a freelancer to a corporate trainer. He has something for every e-learner or e-learning personnel.

  1. David Anderson

If there is someone who manages to enthrall readers with their wit and comic, it’s David Anderson. With a steady supply of advice and tips for Articulate users and e-learning Heroes, David also maintains a multimedia learning website. If you are keen on sprucing up the multi-media in your e-learning materials, this is a multi-media paradise. Prepare to be stunned at the innovative ideas he will have for your next course design and LMS community management tips.

  1. Tom Kuhlmann

Do not let Tom’s cool and composed avatar at the Rapid E-learning Blogs deceive that he is “available and not busy”. Ask him nicely and he will tackle the toughest of your e-learning dilemmas with a coffee cup! From a step by step precision of a science lab, Kuhlmann will guide the novice to become an expert in elearning design. You will be creating your own graphics out of clipart and using proven storyboards that will have you cruising into the course-completion destination in no time. Planning your first course or your next one? Kuhlmann is your man!

  1. Bryan Jones

What compels an e-learning star to continue to churn out impressive responses for a hungry community of elearning developers? The true spirit of an educationist. This is a knowledge treasure for all levels of training providers and developers. The highlight of Bryan’s website is the techniques for using art and assets in a learning environment. He shows how to use cut-outs and human figures for better impact and cognitive imprinting of learning materials. Subscribe today to receive notifications.

  1. Connie Malamed

Connie is your down-to-earth, simplistic and real-world-context advisor. She shares with you, her wealth of time-improved techniques to ensure formal design rules are followed and tweaked for your cause. What can be more benevolent than an eLearning specialist updating the masses through an affordable app The Instructional Design Guru? The app is an organic and living glossary of concepts in Cognitive Psychology, Instructional Design, Learning Theory, Legal, Multimedia, Online Learning, Social Media and Educational Technology.

  1. Jane Bozarth

A self-proclaimed “rabid, feral and tribal” learner, Jane lives up to her multi-talented and multi-tasking public image. What makes her stand out from other stars? Her life-long learning values and the drive to fee life-long hungry learners and elearning developers. Check out her Nuts and Bolts series at her website for insights on reflections for professional development

  1. Tony Karrer

If there is someone who believes that knowledge is synonymous with wealth, it is Tony Karrer. Check out his blinding list of blogs: E-Learning Trends, elearning 2.0, Personal Learning, Informal Learning, eLearning Design, Authoring Tools, Rapid e-Learning Tools, Blended e-Learning, e-Learning Tools, Learning Management Systems (LMS), e-Learning ROI and Metrics. Tony focuses on instructions systems designs for modifying learner behavior and attitude into productive outcomes. Now that’s one powerful action!

  1. Janet Clarey

Learning and development visits new horizons and walks-through unavoidable chasms for a more meaningful L&D development with Janet Clarey. Both an artist with words and technology tools, Janet shares her wisdom and those of others who deserve your research time. Visit her blog site and discover how she synthesizes expert opinion into viable resources at her main workplace, the Elearning guild Academy. Both her sites are great for affordable professional development in terms of time and efforts.

  1. Mike Taylor

Now here is every learning and development designer’s best friend! Searching for a job in the e-learning field? Looking into applying for specific applications related jobs like, experts in Articulate, storyline etc.? Ask Mike, he will help you. His blog page is fresh with tips and guides on the latest jobs and how to put your best foot forward. If you are constantly looking for the latest elearning job market demand, Mike Taylor at E-Learning Heroes is your main man.

  1. Eliott Masie

If there is one newsletter every aspiring e-learning designer and developer (and expert) should visit, it’s this: Learning Trends. His topics mostly deal with leadership in learning and business. Visit his Learning 2017 seminar at Orlando, Florida page to engage in open discussions on best designs and protocols in developing responsive learning materials.


The above list of e-learning experts, is by no means, a final list or a “2014 top experts in elearning” list. Rather, it is a guide for seekers and searchers to spot their elearning solutions through an expert eye and utilize best practices with confidence. This is a running list of experts. Watch this section for more notable scholars who have transformed the face of elearning.

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