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Can we learn online by utilizing e-learning tools?

One of the most longstanding debates in the field of education has been whether or not we can benefit from e-learning to actually learn. We realize the reservations of people who will argue that computers promote procrastination and offer distractions, however, we owe it to ourselves to dig a little deeper and see the other side of the coin which shows that we can actually benefit from e-learning.

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It’s true that as individuals we don’t all respond to one teaching method in the same way – some learn visually, and others learn with repetition or writing. E-learning responds to those different needs with the use of different types of material, whether that is audiovisual content or interactive testing on the go, there is a plethora of options to cater to the needs of each and every learner and in the end, help them learn online in a much more efficient way.

E-Learning, in comparison with traditional learning, allows for easier access to online resources, databases, periodicals, journals and other material you wouldn’t normally have easy access to from a library. If a student has trouble understanding part of the coursework, finding tips on the matter couldn’t be easier than having immediate access to supplementary, unlimited and free material online!

Moreover, e-learning is designed to cater to the needs of different types of learners, who wouldn’t normally do as well in a traditional learning environment, as well as complement the traditional learning environment with more features to make it an even more appealing option for the skeptics.

Learning online in practice!

Universities already embrace the power of e-learning to deliver content to students all over the world, even for free. At a time in which universities are under great pressure to deliver education, combining technology with education is integral to coming up with a final product that will empower the educational institution, set it apart, and allow it to grow its student base worldwide.

Harvard and MIT are just two of the most well-known universities that have launched programs focused on offering classes online for free. Harvard videotapes its lectures and puts them online, so even its own student body can view and review them in case they missed a lecture or need to review a section.

Coursera is a hub for universities that choose to offer online classes through its platform for free. Already, companies and corporations spanning the globe accept certificates of completion of classes offered in Coursera as valid credits, as if they had been completed at the university of origin. The material is essentially the same, the difference is the medium.

Harvard for example, takes the delivery of online courses very seriously, delivering live classes which are recorded and delivered online. Harvard has even launched a specially designed section within its campus, employing videographers and specialists to design and create the perfect content to be delivered through its online platform.

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