An LMS fit to cover all your Call Center Training Needs

With the top LMS for call center training you can ensure quality in every call

Your call center is only as strong as its weakest agent. Train your reps to provide top-notch assistance to every customer. Every time. Even during times of high call volume.

Why an LMS jacks perfectly into a Call Center

Call Center agents have to deal with complex, wide-ranging inquiries, unpredictable customers, and changing products and services to better serve people.

Training your Call Center agents can help your staff perfect their customer service and communication skills, learn the details of the products and services they need for assisting customers, engage in hypothetical scenarios and get familiar with various techniques for handling complaints.

Besides, frontline agents are just the beginning. In a medium to large Call Center (which can deploy thousands of employees) there are also the supervisors, support staff, and managers who require training in workforce management, quality assurance and other aspects of day-to-day operations.

  • It scales to hundreds (or thousands) of employees
  • It allows learners to study at their own pace, without disrupting 24/7 customer support
  • It's easy to manage tons of different courses, especially helpful for Call Centers handling a diverse range of products
  • It's able to respond quickly to new training demands
  • It can serve the entirety of a Call Center's training materials to agents while they serve customers
  • It provides tools to help assess its own effectiveness

Key features to meet all of your Call Center training needs

  1. 1
    In the extremely competitive world of Call Centers, eLearning helps save money. With a single LMS installation, you can serve hundreds (or even thousands) of employees at once!
  2. 2
    The ability to have tons of different courses and study materials makes eLearning a great fit for the telecommunication industry when acknowledging that Call Centers may provide support to numerous products and services from multiple companies.
  3. 3
    eLearning gives great flexibility to Call Center agents as they can study at their own pace outside of time-consuming physical classes (which, with the time-schedules and 24/7 support shifts can be impossible to arrange in a satisfactory way to all employees).
  4. 4
    eLearning also enables instructors to create new training material effortlessly and to deploy new training courses as fast as the need arises (e.g. to train agents on how to provide support for a new product).

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