Application Security Vulnerabilities


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Course overview

Before going on vacation, you check all the windows are secured, hide your valuables, and lock your doors. You don’t want to be robbed – no one does! You do these things because you know most thieves will get in through an open window or door, especially if something enticing is on show. You know the common vulnerabilities, and you try to prevent them.

The same is true for your applications. Criminals often attack the same common vulnerabilities in applications to commit cybercrimes. This course will help your IT teams understand and manage application vulnerabilities to prevent them from being exploited, so you can ensure you’ve secured your cyber windows.

What's covered

Why exposing application vulnerabilities is so important

What lessons can be learned from vulnerabilities

How to use the 5 stages of vulnerability management to prevent applications from being exploited

Why your teams need this course

No one wants their applications to have a glaring hole in them, ready for someone to exploit. This course will help your IT teams recognize common security vulnerabilities to ensure your applications aren’t vulnerable. Suitable for anyone in an IT team or security management, this course will also suggest ways to keep your applications secure to help prevent cybercrime.

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