Approach to Inbound & Outbound Sales


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Course overview

There’s more than 1 way to generate prospective leads. Sometimes, potential new customers will come to your salespeople. And other times, your teams will need to seek them out. Both are valid ways to secure business. And they each have their unique strengths. Your sales teams can even combine both approaches to maximize your chances of attracting new business

Inbound and outbound sales involve different paths to building customer relationships. That’s why they each require a different approach. Recognizing the differences between them will help your salespeople work with existing and new sales strategies. And understanding the steps involved in each approach will help them make the most of either, or both.

What's covered

Recognizing the difference between inbound and outbound sales

The 5 key steps involved in outbound sales

The 4 key steps involved in inbound sales

Why your teams need this course

Sales representatives, executives, and managers all need to understand the differences in approach to inbound and outbound sales. This course will help them do just that. It’ll also walk them through the key steps involved in each approach.

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