How to Sell Ethically


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Course overview

Have you ever wondered whether sales tactics could be more ethical? Traditional selling techniques can seem pushy, which makes customers wary of buying. These techniques can improve short-term sales numbers, but may damage customer relationships and long-term profits. 

The good news is that learning about ethical selling can increase sales in the long run. Selling ethically brings many benefits. For example, customers develop a more positive impression of your sales employees, so they’re more likely to build great customer relationships, which leads to more sales. And there are several techniques they can use to be more ethical sellers.

What's covered

What ethical selling is

The benefits of ethical selling

Techniques to sell more ethically

Why your teams need this course

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to build an ethical foundation for their sales. They’ll learn what selling ethically means, recognize the benefits of selling more ethically, and apply ethical selling techniques to their sales process.

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