Value-Based Selling


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Course overview

Do your salespeople ever find themselves getting so caught up in the excitement of sales that they forget what it’s really about? Getting so focused on making the sale that they forget what’s behind it? It’s easy to forget that underneath everything, it’s about what the customer wants or needs. 

Well, there are specific sales techniques that put this right at their heart. This means your teams never forget that, without showing your product or service has value to the customer, it’ll be hard to convince them to buy it. You may be surprised how much your sales improve by moving to this approach. And this course will show you how.

What's covered

The benefits of value-based selling

The key principles of value-based selling

How to apply these principles to increase sales

Why your teams need this course

Most customers will only buy what they want or need. So focusing your team’s sales practices on this just makes sense. This course will show your salespeople why value-based selling improves sales figures, the key principles of value-based selling, and how to apply these to your own selling practices.

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