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Course overview

The world is constantly changing. Some of us are working from home more often, particularly as technology has improved to make that possible. But what does that mean for traditional business, like sales, in which you regularly meet face-to-face with customers?

Well, that’s changing, too. More and more often, virtual selling is replacing in-person sales conversations, and that’s only going to increase. It’ll take some getting used to, for sure. Luckily, customers are getting used to it. This course outlines the processes and technologies available so that your sales teams can engage with customers and close those deals remotely.

What's covered

Setting up your workspace professionally

Preparing for virtual selling

The differences between virtual and face-to-face sales

Why your teams need this course

Selling virtually uses the same principles as selling directly to a customer. But actually, it’s a new skill to learn, and virtual selling is fast becoming a part of business life. This course will explain the new processes that are necessary to improve your sales teams’ potential.

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