Building Employee Resilience


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Course overview

Things can sometimes go wrong in the workplace. That’s an unfortunate fact. This might be down to individual mistakes, political or market forces beyond a business’s control, or even because of IT issues. And when things go wrong, employees and leaders can face some tough challenges. Dealing with these challenges appropriately is crucial.

Managers and team leaders can equip those in their team with the skills and tools needed to handle tough situations at work and bounce back stronger. It’s this resilience that helps everyone stay strong and positive, leading to future success. This course explains how.

What's covered

Key strategies to help and build employee resilience

How to assess the most appropriate strategies to adopt to encourage employee resilience within the organization

Adopting and encouraging behaviors to support employee resilience

Why your teams need this course

This course will help managers and team leaders learn strategies and techniques to support employees in developing resilience. This will help them stay motivated and engaged during challenging times and also increase employee retention, even when the going gets tough. By building employee resilience, they’ll be helping to create a loyal and engaged workforce.

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