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Planning for your career might seem like something that only needs to happen once, like getting braces to straighten your teeth. For example, many of us probably made a plan near the end of high school or college. Then, well, we’re set. 

This might have been true if we only had one job which lasted the whole of our working lives. Yet, most adults will change careers – not just jobs – up to 7 times. Creating career plans on a regular basis can therefore be hugely beneficial.

What's covered

What a career plan is

What is the importance of having a strategy and why it can lead to success

How to write an effective career plan and use SMART goals

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Why your teams need this course

Effective planning is a worthwhile investment to ensure that you reach your full potential and develop a rewarding, fulfilling career. This course is suitable for professionals of all ages, at any stage of their career. It will help you to understand the advantages of regular planning and show you how to put those techniques into practice. After all, those perfectly straight teeth can sometimes become crooked again…

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