Challenger Selling


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Course overview

Challenger selling can enhance your sales process by pushing the customer out of their comfort zone and presenting a specific product as their solution. When you utilize challenger selling, you can encourage customers to consider new opportunities and pitch an alternative way forward.

Using the challenger-selling methodology, sales reps can take control of any customer conversation. This process focuses on the three T’s – Teaching, Tailoring, and Taking control of a sales experience. This course has been designed to show you how to use challenger selling to your advantage.

What's covered

What challenger selling is

The 5 types of sales reps in the challenger-sales methodology

How to adopt challenger selling during the sales process

Why your teams need this course

This course will help you sales team understand exactly what challenger selling is. They’ll also learn to identify the 5 types of sales rep according to the challenger-selling methodology and understand how to adopt this method into their sales process.

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