Code of Conduct – Working Well with Everyone


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Course overview

It used to be that employees picked up how to act in the workplace as they went along. But guessing how to interact with others isn’t ideal. What if people don’t share the same ideas? They can get things wrong. That can lead to friction, or even legal and financial impacts.

A simple, well-written code of conduct helps everyone understand company values, and the ways people should work together. It doesn’t need to be complex, it just puts everyone on the same page. But it has valuable benefits. For employees it eliminates uncertainty and mistakes; for a company it guards against the risk of misconduct.

What's covered

What the benefits of a code of conduct are

What can go wrong in the absence of a code

How to utilize hints and tips for drafting an effective code

Why your teams need this course

Every organization will benefit from a code of conduct. You might have been asked to create one, or even take a fresh look at one that’s already in place. This course will outline the benefits of a good code, highlight the risks of not having one, and offer hints on how best to draft your own code of conduct.

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