Dealing with Grief


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No. of mini-lessons 3

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Course overview

Grief is a complex and painful experience that can impact every area of your life and well-being. Each person’s experience of bereavement is unique. But for everyone, the loss of a loved one is a significant and distressing event.

It’s very likely that we’ll all experience loss at some point in our lives. Knowing that painful feelings are a natural part of grieving will help you understand your experience. And realizing that your grief will change as you move through it can give you hope and strength. This course is designed to help everyone understand grief and deal with it in a healthy way.

What's covered

The different feelings grief can cause

The 5 stages of grief

How to implement different support techniques as you grieve

Why your teams need this course

Losing someone you love is difficult to deal with. And grief is a natural reaction to that loss. This course will help anyone who is grieving to understand that their feelings are valid and normal. Each person’s experience of grief is unique, and might differ from day to day. But there are some general steps everyone can take to support themselves.