Dealing with Supply Chain Disruptions


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Course overview

The ultimate frustration: assembling flat-pack furniture, then discovering halfway through that you’re missing a vital part! It makes everything grind to a halt while you try to get the part or find a suitable alternative. Imagine this on a much larger scale. In business, having part of your supply chain fail, leaving you short of vital components, can create huge, wide-scale problems.

As part of business continuity, companies need to make sure things can keep moving in the event of a supply chain disruption. This takes some careful planning. But what do you need to plan for, and when should you action this plan? Take this course to find out.

What's covered

Recognizing the areas of your supply chain that are critical for keeping production moving

Identifying problems that could lead to supply disruption at each point of your supply chain

Creating a backup plan for your supply chain that will keep critical production moving in the event of an disruption

Why your teams need this course

Businesses need to keep moving at all times. Having a good backup plan for your supply chain will help. For managers, leaders, and those involved in the supply chain, this course will explore potential supply chain problem areas. It’ll also help you identify the places in your supply chain that would cause the biggest issues, should disruption occur, and help you plan to mitigate these.

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