Testing Business Continuity


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Course overview

Planning things is a bit like stepping into the unknown. You can plan everything down to a “T,” but when it comes to putting that plan into action, it might not always go as well as you expected. In a workplace-incident situation, a business continuity plan going wrong can lead to dangerous consequences. 

To prevent things going wrong, continuity planning must be robust, and you need to be absolutely sure your plan will work correctly. The best way to get that certainty is through testing. Some types of testing, such as tabletop or live testing, will be more relevant for your plan than others. So, your teams need to know which types of testing to use for your continuity-plan test.

What's covered

Why business continuity-plan testing is needed

The benefits and limitation of tabletop and live testing

How to create tabletop continuity-plan tests

Why your teams need this course

This course will help leaders, managers, and those responsible for business continuity, to understand the need for testing. And by taking this course, they’ll be able to identify which testing type is most relevant and create tests to make sure their continuity planning is sound.

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