The Challenges of Communication during an Incident


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Course overview

When faced with a dangerous situation, or incident, having the ability to communicate is vital for protecting lives and the things we value. But communicating during an incident can be challenging. And getting it wrong could have disastrous consequences. 

To make sure things don’t take a turn for the worst, every business needs a solid method for spreading the word. It’s likely you’ll need to communicate with many different people, and by many different means. So, how can you do this effectively? This course has the answers.

What's covered

Strategies for communicating effectively in an emergency

Selecting the most appropriate form of communication for each situation

How social media and other communication tools can be used as effective communication methods

Why your teams need this course

Communication can make or break incident recovery attempts, so you need to be sure you’re getting it right. For leaders, managers, and incident-response teams, this course can help. It’ll explore the challenges of communicating during an incident, describe best-practice solutions, and help them choose the most effective communication methods for each situation.

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