Integrated Response & Recovery


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Course overview

Have you ever heard the proverb, “Too many cooks spoil the broth”? It basically means if too many people are all trying to do one thing, with no clear direction, then things will go wrong. And this couldn’t be truer when responding to, and recovering from, an incident.

It’s likely your business continuity plans will involve multi-agencies when it comes to responding and recovering after an incident. But, to make sure this is effective, you need to get everybody collaborating and coordinated. That means planning coordination strategies, so everyone knows what they’re doing.

What's covered

What integrated response & recovery are

How to identify which agencies are necessary to make your response and recovery plans effective

How to plan coordination strategies for response & recovery as part of your business continuity planning

Why your teams need this course

In an incident situation, you need solid integrated response & recovery plans. This course can help operational leaders, and duty and senior managers develop an understanding of integrated response & recovery. It’ll also look at the types of agencies they’ll need, and how to coordinate them, so they can make informed decisions in your business continuity plans.

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