Developing Research Skills


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Duration 10'

No. of mini-lessons 4

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Course overview

Have you ever presented something as a fact, when in reality it might have been fiction? Writing an effective report relies on ensuring that everything you include is correct, no matter how well you know the subject. To make sure you get your facts right, you need to do your research.

Good research isn’t just about collecting as much data as you can. Your teams also need to be able to recognize which sources are reliable, and which are less trustworthy. Poor information gathering or presentation might mean they present incorrect information and could affect your credibility. So, it’s important that your team develops research skills to ensure they’re increasing their knowledge and communicating new facts to colleagues effectively.

What's covered

How to recognize reliable sources

How to gather and select useful information

How to organize and present findings effectively

Why your teams need this course

This course is aimed at anyone who needs to write reports and might need to refresh their research skills. It will help your teams plan a clear course of action for their research, gather relevant information, and show their findings in a well-organized document or presentation.