Data Literacy


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Course overview

There are around 7,000 spoken languages in the world right now. According to research, the average person speaks just 1.5 of them. How about you? You might speak English, Spanish, Chinese, or French. But do you speak data? Of course not. You can’t speak data, but you can be data literate.

Data literacy is the ability to work with data, understand it, and turn it into information. And that’s important, because data can be an incredibly powerful tool. For any business it can mean the difference between success and failure. With so much focus placed on using data in the modern workplace, data literacy is a vital skill to possess.

What's covered

What data literacy is

How to recognize the impacts of data illiteracy

How to create and communicate data as information

Why your teams need this course

Anyone who handles data of any kind needs to know how to read, understand, use, and communicate it. This course will describe all you need to know about data literacy, explain how illiteracy can affect you, and show you how to create and communicate data more effectively.

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