Drug & Alcohol Abuse – Employee Version


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Course overview

Everyone can experience problems with substance abuse and addiction. It’s a medical problem that can impact all areas of a person’s life, including their job. For people experiencing substance abuse, it can be difficult to understand and accept that they need help. It can also feel intimidating to consider informing their employer. 

Anyone struggling with substance abuse deserves the opportunity to recover. Realizing how substance abuse in the workplace is defined, and how it impacts performance, can clarify why seeking help is important. Exploring how employers could handle substance abuse will help employees feel prepared. And understanding how to speak to their employer about substance abuse is an important step toward recovery.

What's covered

What alcohol or substance abuse is and how it can impact your performance – and that of your colleagues – in the workplace

How your employer could handle employee drug or alcohol abuse

How to speak to your employer about substance abuse and recovery

Why your teams need this course

There’s no single type of person who experiences substance misuse. That’s why everyone will benefit from learning how it can impact their well-being and their career. This course will help your employees understand how substance abuse can undermine their performance and that of their colleagues. It’ll also show them how employers could respond to substance abuse and how to speak to them about it.

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