Drug and Alcohol Abuse


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Course overview

From Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman, to Shakespeare’s Bardolph, entertainment throughout history has long featured disorderly characters and their drink and drug use.

Perhaps less spoken about, though, is how to handle these types of behaviors when they enter the workplace. Drug and alcohol abuse by employees is a serious issue, and one that can cause many problems for both the individual and the business itself. From emotional turmoil, to lost productivity, it can also result in injuries and an increase in health insurance claims. 

By developing a clear policy and providing the right level of support, workplaces can prevent problems from ever escalating.

What's covered

What drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace means

What the signs of drug and alcohol misuse are, and what to look out for

How to implement techniques for managing drug and alcohol misuse at work

Why your teams need this course

If misuse occurs and is not handled correctly it can put employees’ health at risk and jeopardize the reputation and finances of the business. This course is suitable for any business professional wanting to provide a safe and supportive environment for their employees. Even if there is no evidence of their use, organizations can benefit.

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