Enterprise Risk Management


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Course overview

Everything in life requires a little risk. To allow us to go about our lives without living in fear, we all manage risks. 

In business, risks are inevitable, too. Sometimes they can be avoided, but other times they must be mitigated instead. Traditionally, businesses kept risk management isolated to each component or department, but that often misses the big picture. The solution is Enterprise Risk Management, a holistic approach that manages risk companywide from the top down. This course will teach you and your Operational Managers the basics of Enterprise Risk Management, so you can decide if it’s right for your company.

What's covered

What Enterprise Risk Management is and the 3 types of risk it aims to manage

The positives and negatives of Enterprise Risk Management

The 8 components of Enterprise Risk Management

Why your teams need this course

Enterprise Risk Management is a leading holistic risk management style that helps businesses stay safe in uncertain times. This course, suitable for operational managers, business leaders, and business owners, will help demystify Enterprise Risk Management and give an insight into how it works.

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