The Role of the Risk Register


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Course overview

When your washing machine stops working, what do you do? Before you pay for an expensive plumber to fix it, you might try giving it a go yourself. You’ll probably consult the manual’s troubleshooting guide or even search for common problems online.

In business, you probably won’t have a manual with a troubleshooting guide to check when things go wrong, but you should have a risk register. It’s a comprehensive guide to all the risks involved in running the company and how to mitigate, fix, or avoid them. This course will tell you and your operational managers everything you need to know about risk registry to ensure it’s there when you need it most.

What's covered

What a risk register is, and its function in risk management

Common risk areas that require a risk register

How to create your own risk register

Why your teams need this course

This course, suitable for business leaders, owners, or operation managers, will help you create your own risk register for your business. You’ll learn why they are so important and what areas most need to be covered by a risk registry.

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