Creating a Risk Culture


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Course overview

Taking risks is an inevitable and important part of life. But you can’t wrap people up in bubble wrap for fear that they might take the wrong risk. Risk is what drives innovation, after all. You need people to take intelligent risks and mitigate what they can on their own. Like how you’re taught to look both ways before crossing the street, so it becomes an unconscious habit.

The solution is to cultivate a risk culture: an environment that encourages employees to consider risk in everything they do while still promoting innovation. This course will help you implement a risk culture and explain why it’s crucial to an innovative environment.

What's covered

Defining what a risk culture is

Explaining the benefits of a risk culture

Identifying strategies to cultivate a risk culture

Why your teams need this course

Taking risks is essential to innovation, but failing to mitigate risk can be highly destructive. Implementing a culture in which everyone considers risk will help get this balance right. The course is suitable for business owners, leaders, and operational managers, and will give practical advice on how to create a risk culture.

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