Managing Risk in the Boardroom


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Course overview

If your child wants to go skateboarding, as a parent, you’re there to manage the risk. Sure, they could fall off and scrape their knees, but they also might have a fun time. It’s weighing that risk vs. reward which is so crucial.

The company board for the business you own or work for also has to weigh risk and reward on behalf of the business, but obviously on a much bigger scale. They must take risks to make money, but it’s essential to ensure they are calculated and mitigated. This course will explain the role the board has in risk oversight.

What's covered

Differentiating risk management from risk oversight

Distinguishing between risk appetite and risk tolerance

Explaining the role of the board in risk oversight

Why your teams need this course

When it comes to risk oversight, corporate governance is essential to ensure things are as robust as possible. This course, suitable for business owners and leaders, will give an insight into the role NEDs (non-executive directors) and the board as a whole play in risk management oversight.

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