Following Up with Your Connections


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Course overview

When you make a new connection, you’re both trying to make a good 1st impression. Afterwards, you’re left wondering how best to follow up. Should you call them? Email? Send them a gift basket? You don’t want to seem too eager, but neither do you want them to forget about you. It’s a minefield!

While it might not be easy, following up with a new connection is an essential part of business. It’s how you build strong business relationships and grow a list of useful contacts. Thankfully, you don’t need to send them gift baskets. Just follow the hints and tips in this course and you should get your follow-ups right every time.

What's covered

The benefits that a good follow-up can have on a working relationship

The common mistakes people make when following up

Good follow-up strategies to use on future connections

Why your teams need this course

Networking and making new contacts is important in almost all types of work. This course will show everyone common mistakes to avoid and useful strategies to implement next time they need to follow up on new connections.

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