Global Market Entry Strategies


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Course overview

No matter where the company operates, your teams needs exactly the same approach to market entry, don’t they? Well, not necessarily. Language, currency, culture, and politics – every single location presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Simply using the same market-entry strategy over and over is a mistake. 

Successful leaders know it’s the inside information that makes all the difference. That means local expertise about how that market operates, and the factors influencing it. Whenever you enter a new market, developing a tailored strategy means you leverage those factors. This allows you to anticipate risks and maximize opportunities.

What's covered

The purpose of a market-entry strategy

The right market-entry framework for your product

The role of a robust localization strategy to optimize a successful market entry

Why your teams need this course

With each new domestic or international market entry, having the right strategy is key. Senior business leaders, or managers or team leaders at any level, can benefit from this course. They’ll learn why strategy development makes sense, how to identify the right framework, and why each new market challenge is a chance to supercharge market expansion.

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