Having Tough Conversations


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No. of mini-lessons 4

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Course overview

Every manager, team leader and HR member is faced with difficult conversations from time to time. We’re talking about conversations with members of staff when the topic at hand is poor performance or behavior.

These interactions can be awkward, emotional, and sometimes heated. How your teams deal with this kind of situation says a lot about the leadership qualities and the values of your organization, so it’s important to take care and pay attention to your approach. This training will guide your managers and HR on how to tackle tough conversations head-on (rather than putting them off), and will offer helpful suggestions about how they can best be handled.

What's covered

How to identify conversations that might be difficult

Effective ways of preparing for tough conversations

Approaches to maintain composure and control at emotional moments

How to conduct difficult conversations with sensitivity and honesty

Why your teams need this course

Employee performance reviews are challenging, as is any situation in which your managers need to give feedback to a member of staff, or disappoint them. The conversation is even more difficult when the employee is seriously underperforming, or if your managers and HR need to challenge them regarding a mistake or breach of discipline. The toughest conversation of all is when you have to let them go. This course will give your leaders and HR staff the tips they need to manage these exchanges confidently and effectively.

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