How to work well with your IT Teams


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Course overview

When you have a tech problem, who do you call? That’s right, the IT team. If you need help handling security, or have a user request, these are the people you turn to. Providing support to employees is one of their most important tasks and helps company operations run smoothly. So, why do some IT issues go unresolved?

It all comes down to communication. We’re not quite at the “Minority Report” stage – where problems can be spotted before they happen. So good communication with the IT department is vital for effective resolutions. This course helps identify the difference between good – and not so good – ways of working with your IT team.

What's covered

The importance of the IT team

Best practices to communicate effectively with your IT team

The difficulties IT teams face

Why your teams need this course

Working well with your IT team makes life easier for everyone. This course is designed for anyone who may need to call on the services of IT support. You’ll learn about the best ways to communicate effectively with your IT team, the difficulties that IT teams need to deal with, and appreciate the importance of working well with your IT team.

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