Identifying Employees’ Personal Goals


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Course overview

Often, when we talk about coaching employees towards achieving specific goals, we focus exclusively on those that benefit the organization. This is an important part of enabling team members to perform to the best of their ability. But have you considered how identifying their personal career goals and interests could enable you to work together in a way that benefits everyone? 

Identifying employees’ personal goals will help you, your managers, and your HR staff build more authentic, collaborative working relationships with them. And team members are more likely to focus on and pursue goals when the personal benefits are as tangible as the organizational ones.

What's covered

How to work with employees to identify their personal goals

How establishing employees’ personal goals is beneficial for everyone

How to create SMART goals with your employees that help them to achieve their personal goals at work

Why your teams need this course

Supporting team members to develop their skills and take on new responsibilities is an important part of helping them to develop. This course will help business leaders, team managers and people working in HR to collaborate with employees and understand what they want to achieve.

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