The Importance of Sleep


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According to the old rhyme, being “early to bed and early to rise” makes you “healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Unlike most “old tales,” this one has a lot of truth in it. Sleep, or lack of it, can have a huge impact on your entire life.

Everything from mental well-being to physical health can be affected by not getting enough shut-eye. When it comes to work, being sleep deprived isn’t only bad for productivity, but depending on the job you do, it could be really dangerous too, so making sure you get enough of the right sort of sleep is vital.

What's covered

Why too little sleep does you more harm than good

What is the impact of tiredness in the workplace

How good “sleep hygiene” can change your life

the importance of sleep online training course

Why your teams need this course

While you may have been doing your job so long you could do it with your eyes shut, actually being asleep on the job is a pretty bad idea. Taking this course will benefit everyone, no matter what job you have. It will help you understand how much sleep you should get, and how to achieve the perfect rest to keep your workday productive and safe.

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