Measuring and Evaluating Strategy Success


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Course overview

Imagine for a moment that you’re the coach of a soccer team. You’ve been developing a plan to win a tough game, and it seems to be paying off. Your team has scored 2 goals already, which is a good measure of how well your team is executing that game plan. But it’s only by collaborating with the assistant coach that you can get feedback to adjust your strategy.

It’s the same in any business. Getting things right isn’t simply a case of making a change and hoping for the best. Your managers must measure whether your strategy is working using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and then keep on top of any changes to adapt the strategy through feedback when it doesn’t. Doing so constantly leads to a successful team and, ultimately, business. This course is designed to help your managers become champions.

What's covered

How to align performance metrics and key performance indicators with your objectives

How to effectively communicate your reports with your team

How to harness the power of strategic feedback loops to improve your strategy

Why your teams need this course

Just like in a soccer game, measuring and evaluating strategy success in a business context involves setting performance metrics, identifying KPIs, and establishing feedback mechanisms. For managers and team leaders, this course is key to ensuring their game plan stays on track.

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