Methods of Analyzing Qualitative & Quantitative Data


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“Data” is a really broad term that refers to all different kinds of information. This can be a little overwhelming when you need to analyze it, because how do you even begin to figure out what kind of analysis you need to do? A good place to start is by knowing what kinds of analysis are available to you, based on whether you’re working with qualitative or quantitative data.

Because there’s so much you can do with data, and so many different ways it can be tested, interpreted, and applied, there are several different methods of data analysis. Knowing which methods are suitable for the type of data you’re working with can help you on your way to turning your data into something more meaningful. This course will take you through some of the different techniques for analyzing qualitative and quantitative data.

What's covered

The importance of choosing the right method for analyzing your data

Key analysis methods for qualitative data

Key analysis methods for quantitative data

Why your teams need this course

Quite often, data doesn’t mean much until it’s been properly analyzed. But choosing the wrong method for analyzing it can leave you in essentially the same place you started. This course provides an overview of the key methods for analyzing qualitative and quantitative data, as well as the importance of choosing the right one. It’s useful for anyone who needs to carry out analysis on any type of data.

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