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Course overview

As someone who works in sales, it’s only natural that you’re eager to discover the challenges your prospects are facing. However, it’s difficult to truly understand the deeper needs of prospects by following a typical sales script with generic questions. The NEAT selling methodology focuses on actively listening and delving into the deeper needs of the prospect.

After understanding customers’ pain points, you can move on to successfully position the product you’re selling as the solution. The NEAT methodology focuses on 4 stages – Need, Economic impact, Authority, and Timeline. Each of these stages encourages building trust and creating valuable conversations with prospects.

What's covered

What NEAT selling is and when to use it

How to apply the 4 stages of NEAT selling to sales conversations

Identifying NEAT selling tips

Why your teams need this course

This course will help learners define what NEAT selling is and when it’s more advantageous to use it, how to apply the 4 stages of NEAT selling during sales conversations and learn essential NEAT selling tips.

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