Network Security and Cloud Computing


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No. of mini-lessons 4

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Course overview

Would you leave your house without first checking that all windows and doors are locked? Of course you wouldn’t, unless you live in a magical dreamland. Maybe you have a strong alarm system or motion detectors in place, too. These are vital and essential steps we all take to ensure security and prevent intruders from stealing our belongings.  

Computer networks and cloud storage systems are also at risk of virtual intruders breaking in and stealing our data. Alongside theft, compromised security may lead to the corruption of files through viruses and the erasure of critical documents via harmful malware.

What's covered

What is the importance of securing your network and cloud services

How to identify the risks of inadequate network and cloud security

How to improve protection and prevent threats

network security and cloud-computing online training course

Why your teams need this course

Cyberattacks continue to rise as criminals find sneakier ways of infiltrating security systems. If you’re a business owner or employer, this puts your organization at an increased risk of sabotage. This course will show you effective ways to reduce the risks and help ensure safety. It’s also suitable for individuals, because even in a dreamland there might be gremlins.

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