Raising Low Self-Esteem


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No. of mini-lessons 4

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Course overview

Do you ever get that horrible feeling of not being good enough? It’s that soul-crushing feeling of self-doubt,  which can give your confidence a beating. That’s low self-esteem. It affects a huge 85% of people in different ways, leading to feelings of sadness, anger, stress, and shame, among other negatives.

One of the worst side effects of low self-esteem is fear of trying. It can knock your confidence so much that you doubt your abilities and totally avoid challenges. This makes it harder to tackle. But, with a little help, there are ways everyone can raise their self-esteem again, improving their quality of life and breaking through it to become someone who believes in themselves again. This course will show you how.

What's covered

What low self-esteem is and what its potential causes are

The signs of low self-esteem

Techniques to raise your self-esteem

Why your teams need this course

Almost all of us suffer from low self-esteem at times. That means we could all use a little push when we’re feeling down about ourselves or our abilities. This course is here to help everyone believe in themselves again.