Recognizing Your Privilege


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Duration 10'

No. of mini-lessons 4

Resources Workbook

Course overview

Many of us have privileges. Owning a car, going to college, and even having a device to read this information on are all privileges. But there are much more substantial ones that can significantly impact our lives and jobs

Privilege is a form of unearned power and means having advantages that you didn’t ask for. It’s often invisible to those who have it, yet, for those who don’t, their lack of privilege is apparent and persistent.

What's covered

The importance of recognizing your privilege

What privilege looks like in the workplace

How to use your privilege to benefit others

Why your teams need this course

It can be hard to admit and talk about our own privileges, but recognizing them is the 1st step in helping others who have fewer privileges. This is especially important in the workplace. Suitable for all individuals, this course will show your teams why being an ally for others can truly make a difference.