The Key Values of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


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Duration 15'

No. of mini-lessons 4

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Course overview

Most organizations are aware of equality, diversity, and inclusion (or ED&I) and how they can positively impact the workplace. But many businesses often only implement the diversity part, and face problems in treating everyone fairly and actually making them feel included

When diverse employees are given equality of opportunity and are actively included in an organization, they’re more likely to feel valued and respected. In turn, this creates a strong sense of engagement which drives innovation and performance as well as productivity levels.

What's covered

The differences between equality, diversity, and inclusion

The business benefits and importance of ED&I

How to make an organization more equal, diverse, and inclusive

Why your teams need this course

Suitable for business owners and managers, this course will show your managers and team leaders why implementing the values of ED&I will enhance your organization’s growth and prosperity.