Gender Inclusion


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Course overview

We no longer live in a world where gender is defined as either male or female. Gender now describes a range of identities. Having a wider spectrum shows huge progress in accepting and including the many people who do not subscribe to traditional identities and gender expressions

Unfortunately, people continue to face discrimination based on their gender. This is especially true in the workplace. But the good news is that gender inclusion really does benefit everyone. People feel more engaged, happier, and motivated to produce their best work.

This course can help everyone understand gender inclusion, but is especially useful to team leaders and managers, showing them how to create a more gender-inclusive workplace.

What's covered

The importance of gender inclusion

How gender exclusion affects people in the workplace

How to be more gender-inclusive

Why your teams need this course

If all people feel welcome and are treated equally, engagement and productivity will be unhindered. Suitable for all individuals, but especially business leaders, this course will show your teams the benefits of gender inclusion and why it’s so crucial for everyone.