Removing the Barriers to Learning


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Course overview

Ever heard of barriers? For instance, when the break room becomes a no-go zone because that one person in the office selfishly decided to cook fish in the microwave and stink the place out? That’s a type of barrier we could all do without.

When you and your team are working toward success, barriers are never a welcome factor. But when they do pop up, it’s important to know how to deal with them.

A barrier to learning is anything that prevents employees from fully engaging in learning.

From workplace distractions, to negative mindsets, and even lack of training, barriers to learning come in all shapes and sizes and can be damaging to a business if not resolved in the right way.

What's covered

What are common types of learning barriers that exist in the workplace

How to recognize the tools and approaches needed to overcome barriers to learning

How to use methods that provide your teams with a healthy learning environment

removing the barriers to learning online training course

Why your teams need this course

This course is suited for leaders of all levels who want to keep their learners fully engaged. By understanding the top learning barriers modern businesses face, and using actionable tips to overcome them, you’ll be able to create an environment that brings out the very best in your employees.