Secure File Sharing


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No. of mini-lessons 3

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Course overview

During the slow old days when everything was paper-based, to send documents to different departments or businesses, your managers had to package them up and mail them. It would take days, or even weeks, and relied on the postal service getting them to their destination in one piece. Thankfully, file sharing can now happen instantly, at the touch of a button. But, while it’s cut down on wasted time, it’s vulnerable to cybercrime.  

When your managers’ teams need to share files, either internally, or externally, those files need to be protected. If they’re not shared securely, they could end up in the wrong hands. To ensure those files are secure, they need first to recognize the potential problems of file sharing. Then they can use methods to mitigate those risks.

What's covered

The different ways of file sharing internally and externally 

The potential risks of each type of secure file-sharing system

Strategies to use secure file-sharing practices

Why your teams need this course

Whether it’s internal or external, file sharing is a necessary part of business. So, your leaders or senior managers need to put in place systems for their teams to share files securely. This course will explain the different types of file sharing, as well as the potential risks. And by using the strategies in this course, your managers will be able to keep shared files secure.