Security and AI


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Course overview

There’s no denying that AI and Machine Learning have made a lot of the day-to-day functions of IT easier. And new AI cybersecurity tools are being developed all the time, to help keep important business data safe. But using it doesn’t necessarily mean an end to cybercrime. 

As AI and Machine Learning become more advanced, so do the developing cyber threats. And, if your IT or security professionals want to use AI as part of their cybersecurity, they need to know its possibilities and risks. AI programs can also throw up some data-ownership issues that they’ll need to navigate, so they can balance effective threat protection with staying in control of the data.

What's covered

How AI can be used to detect potential security threats

The potential risks and threats of using AI in security and how to mitigate these

Who owns the data put into AI systems and how to maintain control

Why your teams need this course

If your IT or security professionals want to gain a better understanding of using AI in cybersecurity, this course is for them. It’ll look at how AI can help detect threats, and explain how to mitigate the security risks of using AI. By following the advice in the course, they’ll be able to make sure they can stay in control of the data AI systems hold.