Service at the Cash Register


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Course overview

Sometimes the person at the cash register might be the only person the customer interacts with in the store. That’s a golden opportunity for your team to make their shopping experience a good one.

Why is that important? Because good customer service goes a long way. When a customer has a good in-store experience, they’ll be satisfied, which will, in turn, make your retail team’s role easier. This course is going to explain how to have this short, but important interaction correctly.

What's covered

How to greet correctly and manage personal interactions

How to identify opportunities to upsell or exchange for a better deal

How to compare different payment measures and how they affect customers

Why your teams need this course

The customer is king, so you have to treat them like one. The service your retail teams give them at the cash register is an important part of any shopping trip. This course is perfect for those just starting out in retail, or for employees looking to refresh their customer service skills.

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