Sexual Harassment – Employer Version


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Course overview

Sexual harassment is always unacceptable. Nobody should have to work in a hostile environment in which they feel threatened or uncomfortable.  But unfortunately, many people still experience sexual harassment in the workplace. 

Employers have a legal responsibility to respond to incidents of sexual harassment appropriately. Understanding what sexual harassment is and how to handle it will help you to make sure your employees are protected.

What's covered

How sexual harassment is defined and what the relevant legislation is

How to respond appropriately to sexual harassment in the workplace

The legal responsibilities of employers investigating sexual harassment complaints

Why your teams need this course

Contributing to a workplace in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect is important. Anyone leading or overseeing teams needs to respond appropriately if they witness or receive a report about an employee being sexually harassed. This course will help you to recognize and respond to sexual harassment, in line with federal legislation.

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