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Course overview

As a salesperson, you’re eager for consumers to look at all of the products you have on offer. But if there’s too much choice, you can risk buyers feeling overwhelmed. They could avoid making a decision at all and may stick to what they already know, or worse, walk away from a sale completely. You can use SNAP Selling  as a sales framework to create valuable conversations with overwhelmed buyers.

SNAP Selling follows 4 stages: keep it simple, be invaluable, always align, and raise priorities. By following these rules, you can begin to understand how to work with buyers who  have a variety of products to choose from. You can then focus on selling specific products as the solution to the desired prospects. This course is designed to explain the rules and help you implement them.

What's covered

The 4 stages of SNAP Selling

Applying the 3 decisions of SNAP Selling

The SNAP Selling methodology in the sales process

Why your teams need this course

For the sales team, it’s vital to ensure customers can purchase with ease. This course will outline the 4 stages of SNAP Selling and help in applying the 3 decisions of SNAP Selling. Also, how to adopt the SNAP Selling methodology for the sales process.

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