Structuring your Presentations


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Course overview

We’ve all been there. Forgetting our lines. Relying on notes. Facing an audience that’s more interested in their smartphones than a presentation. You wonder what you’re missing. Is it more facts? Higher energy? While these elements are key to knocking a presentation out of the park, without a proper structure, ideas are just that. Ideas.

Structuring their presentation will help your teams communicate their message more effectively. Without that structure, their ideas will be muddled, and they’ll confuse the audience. This course will help your teams provide listeners with something they can follow, engage with, and most importantly, remember.

What's covered

The benefits of structured presentations

Ways of improving the structure of your presentations

Structuring an effective presentation

Techniques to structure your presentations to keep your audience engaged

structuring your presentations online training course

Why your teams need this course

This course is for anyone who needs to present information as part of their job. It’ll help them identify basic structuring techniques and show them the benefits of a well-organized presentation. They’ll also see how to bring structure to their ideas to help create effective presentations that’ll keep the audience engaged.

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