The Five Ps: Persistence, Patience, Purpose, People & Profits


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Course overview

The age of discovery is upon us! The world’s advancing so fast that it can be hard to keep up. Things that once seemed unimaginable are now completely possible, and the buzzword in every business is “solutions.” So, it’s a great time to pull out your inner entrepreneur!

The flip side to advancement is growing competition. So, to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to stand out above the rest. A large part of that is down to your approach. And to master a winning approach, at the heart of your mindset you need “The Five Ps”: Persistence, Patience, Purpose, People, and Profits.

What's covered

How to define and apply the meaning of the Five Ps in entrepreneurship

What the importance of the Five Ps in entrepreneurship is

How to use techniques to improve your Five-P skills

Why your teams need this course

Coming up with a unique idea is great, but turning that idea into reality is the true key to entrepreneurship. In order to manage that effectively you not only need the idea but the personality skills to make it happen. For all budding entrepreneurs, this course will help you to focus on the Five Ps and understand why they are crucial. It will also give you tips and techniques to help improve your skills.

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